Gnius Kids is a brand that creates educational games made of cardboard
corrugated with FSC certification that add value in the development of children,
contributing value to society from its manufacture to its reforestation with
seed planting.

Our objective is to help with the development of creativity and imagination of
children by playing, painting and creating stories according to the scenario they choose.

Gun, Paint, Play and Imagine!


Our values

I respect

It implies having consideration
on the other, provide care
and affection to people with
those that are related.


It is accepting, allowing and
admit diversity,
even when these are
contrary to ours.


Teach the boys and girls that
every action has consequences.
Instill the value of telling the truth.


Be aware of the
needs of others and
forge in them the will
to want to help.


Being kind means treating
everyone equally and be courteous
with the rest.


Appreciate the aspects
(non-materialists) of life
with the will to recognize
the paper that the others
they play in our life.